About Us


Unicworn; A Rarity in Apparel

Every artist needs a medium of expression, a way to unleash their creativity. While some find their release on a piece of canvas, others depend on papers and billboards to showcase their designs. However, there are a few that tell their story through a more interesting medium, wearable arts.

Not only does this motivate creativity in others, but wearable arts can also be said to inspire life itself. There is just one thing; artists need a platform to spread their beliefs, a way to showcase their design to the world. This is what Unicworn offers.

We have a passion for all things unique and magical. Hence, our collection of brilliantly designed Unicorn themed T-shirt. It’s our way of showing our deep appreciation for creative art.

Unicworn; Our Story

All our wears start with a simple story, told by artists from different parts of the world. It’s their expression of what is mythical, their perception of an imaginary magical creature. Our design community sends hundreds of unique Unicorn T-shirt every day, giving them a voice and a chance to share their art with the world.

At Unicworn, we give these artists the opportunity to make a living out of their passion. This platform is practically an online gallery, where artists can get paid for their designs, encouraging them to create even more unique designs and bring introduce more creativity to life.

Unicworn; Our Promise

Our mission at Unicworn is to encourage a brave and stylish way of self-expression for artists and give buyers the most colorful designs on the market. As such, we promise to;

Offer Unique Designs

With thousands of artists sending in their designs on a daily basis, Unicworn offers unique designs that are suitable for all demographics. It doesn’t matter if you are 5 or 55 years old, we have a Unicorn themed illustration created just for you.

High-quality Apparels

We are committed to providing the highest quality of apparel you’ll ever find. Not only are the designs unique, but the fabrics are also created to last long too.

Reward Artists for their Designs

Unicworn intends to bring more creativity into the world. One way of achieving this goal is to incentivize the designs. Artists can open a shop and receive proceeds from every wearable design sold. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Eco-Friendly Wears

Our Unicorn designs are hand selected and printed using eco-friendly ink that is free of plastisol. Furthermore, our T-shirt blanks are high-quality fabrics that are free of child labor or sweatshop.

Unicworn; A Design You Love, a Product You Want

What we are offering is not just another t-shirt. It’s an opportunity to define who you are or who you want to be. It’s a way to express yourself and be anything you want. You can be a nerd or a jock, serious-minded or free-spirited, outgoing or shy, just as long as you are free.

Unicworn is about making you look good and inspiring artists to create more. Most importantly, we are about freedom.